DHPA is happy to support advances in preserving, collecting and promoting Dublin’s diverse history. By collaborating with others we’ve been able to make progress in these and other efforts.

  • Dublin Camp Parks Military History Center (opened in 2017)
  • Dublin, California:  A Short History and Dublin and Dublin and the Tri-Valley: The World War II Years (on sale at your local and Internet book sellers)
  • Local history presentations: Dublin and Victory in Europe/Victory Over Japan, 75 Years Ago

Dublin Heritage Park & Museums:

DHPA worked with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Archive to create and an exhibit on the first Santa Rita Jail. The exhibit was at the Murray Schoolhouse Museum.

DHPA bought an antique washing machine for the Kolb House museum. It will help visitors appreciate some of the practical changes from Dublin’s rural past.

DHPA members served as volunteer docents, greeters and workers for ongoing activities at the Murray School House and Kolb House museums, and the St Patrick’s Tea Cottage. Members conducted museum collection support and supported park enhancements (vegetable garden, chess tables, and other physical improvements. DHPA helped sponsored the recent exhibit on the original

Dublin Library:

DHPA provided support to the library to develop plans to digitize their local newspaper holdings. When this project is finished the library will have a new source of local history for researchers and library patrons.

New Local History Resources:

DHPA supported two new exciting resources: the Ghosts of Dublin website and an expanded timeline of the Dublin’s history. Both can be accessed from the DHPA webpage (please see our home page.

Support to Our Schools:

DHPA members started a new research project on the origin of the names for Dublin’s elementary and middle schools. Dublin has a tradition of naming local schools after prior residents. The research will lead to a short biography of each person that can be used by the schools as part of their history and local history curriculum.

Plans for a Local History Show on TV-30:

DHPA President Steve Minniear and Board Member Marshall Kamena are working on plans for a 30 minute local history show on community television channel 30. They are working with TV-30 staff to develop topics and a schedule for filming.

DHPA Internal Improvements

The DHPA officers and Board reviewed the organization’s bylaws and found ways to improve its operations. The proposed changes will go before the general membership at the June meeting and dinner.

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